MeTheOne team wants to manifest:

  1. We want to discover people with talent around the world
  2. The talent must be shown in audiovisual format.
  3. We discover artistic, sportive, abilities talents. Not job & professional talent, executives, neither writers, politicians, etc.
  4. Not only internationally shown talent, but locally potential talent is also discovered.
  5. Facebook & Twitter help us to complete the indentity and the recognition of the talent. The videos on Youtube are essential, as they are the social network profiles.
  6. The talent is out there. Streets, theatres, TV, media, events. Let’s get it to the digital world.
  7. Video cameras are more accesible than ever, helping to catch the talent and making able to share it.
  8. We believe in the effort and perserverance culture to reach the attractive, the genius.


MeTheOne team

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