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MeTheOne team is composed by the following people:

Mikel Torres Ugarte picture Mikel Torres Ugarte MeTheOne promotor and multidisciplinar frustrated talent

Let's talk about this crazy head. He wants to take the world by storm, wow! he is so ambitious! He loves salads, mushrooms, MEMEs, acoustic guitar and he yet remembers when he once made a backflip with his skate.

Juan Barberio Oliva picture Juan Barberio Oliva MeTheOne promotor and sportsman engineer

Juan is an specialist in good vibrations. He is a very good Table Tennis player, level: Asian, and he loves making routes with his bike. He also loves sunrising, the veggie with jam sandwich of the Aratz bar and to make crazy juggling while playing soccer with friends.

David López picture David López Becerra Code ninja, potential moto biker

Returning from Asturias, where he worked in the techno-agriculture world, he entered MeTheOne roaring with his new motorcycle. He loves taking beers with friends, running away with his bike or motorcycle on weekends and Julio Iglesias' song: ♫ Soy un Truhán, soy un señor... ♫

Josean Abecia picture Josean Abecia Lanz Photoshop artist, musician and Sannisimo greedy

Leonardo Da Vinci would bow to him. There's no button, form input or title that can beat him. And he plays the electric guitar almost as good as Van Halen! He loves communication, to whistle unconsciously and political activism.

Antxon Benito picture Antxon Benito Master and spiritual guide

He gives light in dark moments and makes the success way easier to take. He gets the moon to the earth, shows us and repeats: 'you zee? you can reach it!' He loves good music, sharing knowledge and Internet related events.

They've collaborated too, so they are in our hearts:

Bruno García picture Bruno García Echegaray Front End Ninja
Sebastián Gómez picture Sebastián Gómez Digital & Analogic Artist
Iker Alberdi picture Iker Alberdi Coder
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